Education - Nose and Sinuses

Balloon Sinuplasty

Testimonial from a happy mother

How XprESS Balloon Sinus Dilation Works

Graphic of the maxillary sinus

Balloon Sinuplasty of the Maxillary Sinus

Graphic showing sinus access using transcutaneous illumination

2Frontal Animation NEW


The LATERA nasal implant is a new option that may help you breathe better

LATERA Absorbable Nasal Implant System

Graphic of a device being inserted into a patient's nose

MKT00476 Rev B - LATERA Animation for Patients


ClariFix cryotherapy goes to the source of the symptoms for lasting relief

Chronic Rhinitis - ClariFix Cryoherpay

Graphic of interior facial structure

ClariFix Physician Animation Video MRK 0553

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